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Adopt a Raptor

Every year dozens of raptors are rescued and rehabilitated by the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust but unfortunately not all birds can be released. In our view it is unethical to euthanise a flight-impaired raptor that is otherwise perfectly healthy and clearly shows the will to live. And even when not returning to the wild, these birds can play an important role in the conservation of raptors in Kenya. Some are great educational birds that instil awe and passion in visitors, others breed and raise chicks that can be returned to the wild.  

You can now financially adopt one of our (semi-)resident raptors and cover the monthly cost for their care: food, housing, medical treatment and staff salaries. Kenya Bird of Prey Trust is not funded by the government and relies on financial support from people and organisations that believe in our work and in our mission to understand, protect and restore raptor populations in Kenya.​

The adoption package includes

  • Personalised adoption certificate 

  • Exclusive picture / movie of your adopted bird

  • Species fact sheet

  • An update on your adopted bird (every 6 months)

  • An invitation to a Meet & Greet with your adopted bird of prey (level of interaction depending on species and status of the bird)

  • Your name displayed at/near the enclosure of your adopted bird of prey (optional)

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Adopt for yourself or a friend!

Adopt your favourite raptor at Soysambu Raptor Centre

Diani Black Spa at Soysambu_edited.jpg

Diani, a female Black Sparrowhawk, is in our care since mid 2022 being a victim of human-wildlife conflict. In a cruel act all her flight feathers were cut and it will take at least a year to recover. Read her background story here.

Adopt Diani for $75 per month



Tawny, a female Tawny Eagle, is a victim of electrocution which burnt all her flight feathers and left her blind in one eye. These feathers have since moulted but the eye needs surgery before we can consider releasing her. 

Adopt Tawny for $100 per month


George - African Crowned Eagle - injured as a chick after its nest tree was felled_edited.

Girl, a female African Crowned Eagle, has been in our care since 1984 after being a victim of human-wildlife conflict. Together with Rosy she bred in captivity and successfully had her young go on to breed in the wild. 

Adopt Girl for $125 per month.


Adopt your favourite raptor at Naivasha Raptor Centre



Cassie, a female Black Sparrowhawk, was rescued from kids in 2013 which left her with a broken leg and wing. The leg recovered but the wing damage was permanent which means she couldn't be returned to the wild.

Adopt Cassie for $75 per month.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-15 at 10.43_edited.jpg


Iona, a female Mackinder's Eagle Owl, is in our care since 2015. She's half blind after and attack from a territorial competitor. As Mackinder's are a very rare species it may be many years until we get her a mate.

Adopt Iona for $100 per month.



Horace, a young male Lappet-faced Vulture, is in our care since 2016 when he was found poisoned. He can't fully extend one of his wings so can't return to the wild. Hopefully one day he'll be part of a captive breeding programme.

Adopt Horace for $125 per month

Is your favourite raptor not on this page?

Have you visited our centres and fell in love with one of our birds not published on this page? No worries, all birds are available for adoption. Send us an email inquiry and we'll come back to you as soon as possible.

We accept donations in US Dollar amounts because we can receive these without paying conversion fees. If your account has another currency, you are still able to donate via our website. Your bank/credit card//PayPal account will be debited the amount equivalent in your own currency.

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