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Adopt a Raptor

The primary aim of our rescue and rehabilitation programme is to release the birds back into the wild. For a number of reasons this is not always possible. If a bird of prey doesn't have perfectly functioning wings or eyes, it can not hunt its own prey and would starve if returned to the wild. These birds find their forever home in one of our raptor centres where they live happy lives, some even breeding and raising chicks that are released in the wild. All of them help us create awareness on raptor conservation.  

By supporting one of the featured birds you help us pay for their care which includes food, enclosure maintenance, enrichments, medical care and salaries for staff to feed them and clean the enclosures.

Adopt your favourite bird of prey

One of our permanent resident Wood Owls_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Woodstock, an African Wood-Owl, is in our care since 2011. Flying into a window left him with permanent brain damage. He is as cute as can be, but doesn't like close contact with humans. 

Support Woodstock for $5.00 per month.



Phil, a young Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, was brought in with a broken wing which didn't heal perfectly. He's also partially imprinted which makes him an excellent educational bird

Support Phil for $7.50 per month.



Although named Yusef, we don't know if this Ruppell's Vulture is a male or female. With lots of mates around, we're confident we will one day know when he or she starts breeding!

Support Yusef for $10.00 per month.



Cassie, a female Black Sparrowhawk, was rescued from kids in 2013 which left her with a broken leg and wing. The leg recovered but the wing damage was permanent which means she couldn't be returned to the wild.

Adopt Cassie for $75 per month.



Tawny, a female Tawny Eagle, is a victim of electrocution which burnt all her flight feathers and left her blind in one eye. These feathers have since moulted but the with just one eye she can't be released back into the wild. 

Adopt Tawny for $100 per month


George - African Crowned Eagle - injured as a chick after its nest tree was felled_edited.

Girl, a female African Crowned Eagle, has been in our care since 1984 after being a victim of human-wildlife conflict. Together with Rosy she bred in captivity and successfully had her young go on to breed in the wild. 

Adopt Girl for $125 per month.


We accept donations in US Dollar amounts because we can receive these without paying conversion fees. If your account has another currency, you are still able to donate via our website. Your bank/credit card//PayPal account will be debited the amount equivalent in your own currency.

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