Meet The Team

Simon Thomsett
Founder and Senior Advisor

Simon Thomsett, a Kenyan, has been handling raptors since he was six. As a teenager, he assisted the late Dr Leslie Brown in the 1970s. In 1976, Rosy, a male Crowned Eagle was rescued in the Aberdares and Simon dedicated his life to his care as well as that of thousands of injured, orphaned, poisoned and sick raptors. Rosy was killed in 2019 protecting his mate, Girl, from a cobra – he was over 42 years old.

In 1991 Simon began the Peregrine Fund raptor conservation and research work in Kenya working for the Fund until 2008. He has travelled to Madagascar, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde Islands, India and Nepal, supporting and training dozens of academic students; encouraging the rehabilitation of raptors including the art and science of falconry, and improving raptor veterinary practices.

Simon has appeared in several BBC and National Geographic documentaries. Having constructed 5 centres in protected areas in Kenya, Simon built a rural raptor centre on Soysambu Conservancy in 2014.

In 2015, with Shiv Kapila, he cofounded the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust.

Shiv Kapila
Founder and Manager of Kilimandege Raptor Centre

Working with many of Africa’s foremost experts in the raptor field, Shiv has developed a keen interest in the conservation of Africa’s birds and a great love for raptors in particular. With a Masters in Conservation from University College London, Shiv has worked on a variety of research projects in Kenya: studying the Sharpe’s Longclaw in central Kenya; Colobus monkeys on the Kenyan coast; Martial Eagles on the Athi Plains; owls along the Kenyan coast; vultures and their catastrophic decline in Africa and India. Currently, Shiv’s enduring project and passion is studying African Fish Eagles.

A happy by-product of his work in the field is an interest and affinity for photography. His photographs have been published in many Kenyan publications, among them Swara Magazine, Africa Geographic and Kenya Birding, as well as many newspapers, both local and abroad.

Shiv now manages the Kilimandege Sanctuary in Naivasha, on the shore of the lake close to ‘his’ Fish Eagles, and runs the Naivasha arm of The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust which he helped to establish in 2015. Shiv's prime motivation is to help conserve the beauty of Kenya and all the wildlife it contains, especially it’s raptors.

Nick Trent

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Stratton Hatfield

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  Albanus 'Mwanzia' Wathome

  A rehaber and falconer                    since 1996

Jotham 'Mwapa' Mkondo

A carer and falconer            since 1998

  Nashon 'Mutua' Nzokia

  A carer and falconer

  since 2014

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