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Our Mission

Our mission is to secure healthy raptor populations in Kenya.​ To achieve this we need to protect critical raptor habitats, manage and restore raptor populations and educate people on the value and importance of raptors

Who we are

The Trust is made up of a team of individuals who are each committed to raptor conservation and the-long term welfare of raptors in an increasingly challenging environment. We work closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service,  the National Museums of Kenya, and many partners to secure viability of raptor populations in the wild in Kenya, and when requested, elsewhere in the world.

What we do

The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust strives to work with partners to actively manage raptors in their natural environment, to understand raptor ecology and movements better,, to restore populations through rescue and rehabilitation, and to educate people in order to limit raptor persecution. With the permission and partnership of the Kenya Wildlife Service, we are responsible for the care of  a variety of raptors in two raptor centres.

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