Eva Kagia

Eva Kagia was born in Limuru in central Kenya and grew up on a farm. As a child, Eva and her fellow school friends were taught to fear owls and would pelt them with stones on sight. However, Eva developed a love for nature whilst at school and this was strengthened whilst working in the world-renowned art gallery, Gallery Watatu, and at the National Museum of Kenya.

After training with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Training Institute and obtaining a diploma in Environmental Management, Eva started work in conservation working for the National Environmental Management Authority through KWS in Laikipia (in the Great Rift Valley). Her team was responsible for ensuring tourist lodges and other developments did not negatively impact the environment and that, when necessary, mitigation measures were in place.


For Eva, birds of prey present the best part of nature and freedom.

Craig Sorley

Craig Sorley grew up in three countries of East Africa as the son of medical missionaries, where he developed a keen interest in environmental issues and the stewardship of creation. Holding a degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in Forestry and Education, Craig is the founder of Care of Creation (CCK), a Christian organisation dedicated to educating and transforming people towards our responsibility to care for God's creation. Since 2003, Craig has served as the director of CCK where he and his team of Kenyan counterparts train church leaders and local communities in a variety of creation care topics. This includes the pressing needs of both wildlife and raptor conservation which are regularly incorporated into educational events.

Craig is the author of two books that highlight the biblical foundations of creation care. He has also conducted raptor surveys in Kenya under the guidance of Simon Thomsett. A summary of this work was published in the African Journal of Ecology in 1994. Over the years he has handled and trained a variety of raptor species.

Craig and his wife, Tracy, live and work in Kijabe, a rural town about an hour's drive from Nairobi. They have two boys, Nathan and Aaron.

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