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Artist for Conservation

April 2021

Douglass Leigh Lockyer is a wildlife artist and a passionate conservationist who contribute part of the proceeds from each sale of wildlife art to conservation organisations.


Wildlife poisoning event

November 2019

Under the guidance of Shiv Kapila and chief veterinarian Dr. Limo of KWS, via a WhatsApp group of trained Vulture Protectors, TPF's Nasoita began administering first aid care to the birds.


Martial Eagle Electrocuted

April 2018

In January 2017 a solar powered backpack GPS transmitter was placed on an adult female Martial Eagle. Read what we have learned since tagging this incredible bird.

Crowned Eagle pair with chick

The African Crowned Eagle

July 2011, Part 3

Young eagles making their first few kills in captivity are inept to a degree seldom seen in other eagles. But once they have killed something they are keen to experiment.

Fish Eagle

Impact of human activity

January 2010

The main objective of this study is to track fish eagle populations and breeding rates at Lake Naivasha and relate them to a number of environmental factors.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 14.38.24.png

Rescued and Released

October 2020

A White-backed Vulture was rescued and successfully released back at Olerai Conservancy after treatment at Kilimandege by the KBoPT. 


Full-blown crisis

November 2019

At least 10 vultures ingested poison from feeding on the body of a hyena killed with pesticides. A team spent  hours working to save the surviving, but weak, vultures.


Caring Home for the Injured

May 2017

Injured birds of prey find a caring home: Rehabilitation center lends a helping hand to owls and eagles, raises awareness about oft-overlooked raptors.

Crowned Eagle.jpg

The African Crowned Eagle

June 2011, Part 2

The plumage variations between sexes is inconsistent and do not always apply. Plumage maturation appears to depend upon sex, size, and their particular first year morph.


Threat of extinction

January 2020

Shiv is asked how long the African fish eagle has in the face of the present situation. “If nothing is done,” he replies, “15 to 20 years and that is being optimistic.”

Final Edit_-5.jpg

Martial Eagle Electrocuted

October 2018

Conservation organisations said electrocution of birds was prevalent in natural areas where the introduction of power lines was causing significant disruption to local species.

Guardian Angel for the Raptor World_edited.jpg

Guardian Angel of Raptors

January 2016

At the age of nine, Simon Thomsett successfully rehabilitated a kite, a goshawk and a buzzard and he is still saving and rehabilitating raptors.  

Crowned Eagle Magu1Ap051.jpg

The African Crowned Eagle

May 2011, Part 1

The Crowned Eagle is a forest species with the lowest reproductive rate of all African raptors, competes with humans for “bush meat” and is persecuted over 90% of its range.

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