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Rescue and Rehabilitation

The Naivasha Raptor Centre

The Naivasha Raptor Centre is located on the Kilimandege Sanctuary, South Lake Rd, Lake Naivasha. Designed to serve as a first base for incoming injured birds where initial treatment and housing is provided, as well as longer term care for recovering and permanently injured raptors for public educational display.

The Naivasha Raptor Centre is managed by Shiv Kapila and his team who handle, feed and care for the birds, clean enclosures and assist in providing interactive and educational tours to visitors on an appointment basis.

Mwapa falconer.jpg

Current raptor accommodation caters for 28 birds. Phase one of the special vulture enclosures were completed in 2020, along with individual enclosures to suit the different birds in care. 

An on-site clinic capable of providing basic raptor first aid ensures that injured or poisoned birds can receive immediate attention when they are brought in.


Plans are in place to expand and to increase the raptor accommodation to house additional birds, including construction of additional long-term enclosures for birds that cannot return to the wild along with an additional vulture cliff for vultures that will be in our care for the rest of their lives.

Copy of DSC_0038.jpg

Recently constructed vulture enclosures at Naivasha Raptor Centre built with funds from Kipeto Energy

The Soysambu Raptor Centre

The Soysambu Raptor Centre consists of ten enclosures, able to host 15-22 birds at a time. Box crates enable intensive care for 7 birds at a time. The combination of facilities and remote location properly fulfils the requirement of a raptor rehabilitation, necessary for soft, slow monitored releases into the wild. Soysambu Raptor Centre works in unison with the Naivasha Raptor Centre.

Girl - African Crowned Eagle - recued from human persection.jpg
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