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Newsletter Archive

Raptor Report October 2023

  • Expanding the Mara Raptor Project

  • Monitoring raptors and other wildlife at Kwenia Vulture Sanctuary

  • Participating in development of the first Vulture multi species action plan for Kenya

  • Work experience at the Dubai Falcon Hospital

  • The challenges of releasing juvenile vultures

  • Rescue of Gabar Goshawk siblings

Raptor Report January 2023

  • Building our new strategic plan

  • Bateleur and White-backed Vultures released

  • A new lease on life for the electrocuted Tawny Eagle

  • Update on Kwenia Vulture Sanctuary

  • Eleonora’s falcon rescue

  • The Mara Raptor Project

  • 15th Pan African Ornithological Conference

  • The soft release of a Black Sparrowhawk

  • New solar freezer

  • Update on Simon’s clinic

  • Martial Eagle 3E resurfaces in Grumeti

Raptor Report October 2021

  • The rescue of an overboard Lappet Faced Vulture chick in the Mara

  • Ongoing rehabilitation of Kori Bustard

  • Successful fostering of a Yellow-billed Kite chick 

  • Chubby the Ruppell's Vulture

  • Monitoring and Research

  • Drowning in water tanks

  • Captive breeding to restore populations

  • Mitigating threats

Raptor Report July 2023

  • Our new X-ray machine

  • Rehab of White Backed Vulture fledgling from Olerai

  • Resighting of Martial Eagles

  • Training Governors’ Camp Collection Guides

  • Raptor education and awareness at Naivasha Raptor Centre

  • Captive breeding at Naivasha Raptor Centre

  • Monitoring Rüppell’s Vultures at Kwenia

  • Hell’s Gate Vulture counts

  • The life and death of Tawny Eagle C1

Raptor Report October 2022

  • Partners for Raptors Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Wildlife Toxicology Training Workshop

  • Jonathan’s travels

  • WRTI stakeholder meeting

  • Rescuing poisoned raptors in the Mara

  • Electrocuted Tawny eagle found during survey

  • Support our educational ambassadors

Raptor Report July 2021

  • Successful release of a White-backed Vulture

  • New vulture nests at Naivasha Raptor Centre

  • Vulture response team in the Mara

  • Monitoring 200+ large raptor nests

  • Exciting sightings of African Marsh-Harriers

  • Boy, the Martial Eagle

Raptor Report April 2023

  • Update vision, mission and theory of change

  • Spotted Eagle-Owls at Kilimandege

  • Expanding nest monitoring in the Mara

  • Counting vultures at Kwenia

  • The rescue of Chewy the Ruppell’s Vulture

  • Turning theory into practice

  • The advantages of a soft release

  • One of the very few to recover from electrocution

Raptor Report July 2022

  • Ayres's Hawk Eagle released

  • Young vultures rehabbed and released

  • Released Lappet-faced vulture back in our care

  • Diani Black Sparrowhawk

  • African Crowned Eagle

  • Mara Raptor Project

  • Kwenia Vulture Sanctuary

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