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Support Our Work

Support our work

Our mission is to understand, protect and restore raptor populations in Kenya.​ We do this through rescue and rehabilitation of injured raptors, community education and capacity building, field monitoring and research and evidence-based raptor conservation. All donations go directly to support the programmes we run to achieve this. When you donate, you can choose one of these programmes or select the option Area of greatest need which provides us with unrestricted funding that can go to where we believe it is needed most, as fast as possible. You can also support your favourite raptor by financially contributing to the care of these birds. 

Support Our New Raptor Vet - Juliet

Please help us meet this year’s goal of support to Juliet, women in conservation, and the magnificent raptor legacy of Kenya.

Donate via Paypal or Credit card

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Adopt a Raptor

By supporting one of the featured birds you help us pay for their care which includes food, enclosure maintenance, medical care and staff salaries.
From $5.00 per month.

Donate from the USA via fiscal sponsor

We have partnered with Empowers Africa in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as their fiscal sponsor.

Bank Transfer

For donations via bank transfer or other payment methods, please contact us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Donate via M-PESA

Select Paybill#  4041103

Account# your name


Enter the amount you wish to donate, enter PIN and confirm your donation.

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Thank you for your support!

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