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Holly & Jack’s 100k in May! - A limited time joint fundraiser by two young wildlife enthusiasts.


DOGS! - Did you know that one of the biggest threats to the survival of African Wild Dogs is unvaccinated domestic dogs? Holly has been learning about Wild Dogs at school and she wants to help. You might know TNR Trust for their efforts to find new homes for abandoned and stray dogs, however their main focus is to vaccinate and sterilise dogs and cats at no cost for low-income households. They run vaccination and spay-neuter mobile clinics across the country, including in Samburu where vaccinating stray domestic dogs helps protect both human and African Wild Dog populations from rabies – and big cats such as cheetah and leopard from distemper. TNR Trust is run by volunteers and relies on donations from the general public to do this vital work. It is thanks to TNR that Bunny joined our family 18 months ago, and we couldn’t imagine life without him now. Wild Dogs, domestic dogs – Holly loves them all and wants to help.


VULTURES! - Jack has been learning about raptors this year, and even worked with his classmates to write and design a book about them. In Kenya, six species of vultures are classed as critically endangered. Vultures play a huge role in ridding areas of carcasses that otherwise would provide foul odours and for a much longer period. Not only that - they also play a huge role in controlling the spread of wildlife diseases as they can neutralize bacteria and other harmful disease-spreading organisms that are consumed with the decaying flesh. But they face numerous indirect and direct threats including pesticides, electrocutions, collisions, persecution, and loss of habitat. The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust is working to understand, protect and restore raptor populations in Kenya through evidence-based raptor management, monitoring, community education and capacity building. Jack really wants to help them!


Holly & Jack are going to walk, jog and run 100 kilometres this May and would be very grateful if you would sponsor them to raise funds for TNR Trust and the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust to continue their amazing animal welfare work. Holly & Jack kick-started their efforts by walking 12km and 15km respectively in Laikipia this weekend and have done a further 10.2km since.


TNR Trust: supporters based in Kenya can donate via MPesa to Paybill 921408, Account Name: Holly


Kenya Birds of Prey Trust: supporters based in Kenya can donate via MPesa to Paybill 4041103, Account Name: Jackmac


Supporters in the UK can donate through this page:  We'll collect all donations from supporters in the UK on this page and transfer them equally to TNR Trust and the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust at the end of May.


Thank you so much, and we’ll keep you posted on Holly & Jack’s progress!

For other methods of donating please contact us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support