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Raptor Rescue and Conservation Resources

Raptor rescue and first aid manual for the general public

This manual is a “how to” guide in the rescue, emergency treatment and housing of an injured bird of prey. We give advice on the initial capture, restraint, handling, feeding, care and first aid treatments for individuals with no prior experience. 

Download Raptor rescue and first aid manual (PDF)

Owl nest-box designs approved by Kenya Bird of Prey Trust

Owls can assist with the control of rodents near your house or homestead. Barn Owls can even catch up to 2,000 mice in a single year!. This makes them one of the most economically valuable wildlife animals for agriculture. Habituation can be encouraged by providing nest boxes. Barn Owls and Spotted Eagle Owls in particular live in close association with humans and they therefor often accept artificial nest boxes attached to trees and the walls of buildings. Note that different species require different nest box designs.

Download nest box designs for Barn Owl, Spotted Eagle Owl and African Wood Owl (PDF)

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