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Education & Capacity Building

Raising Public Awareness and Capacity of Partners

  • We provide training and capacity building to Nature Kenya, BirdLife Kenya, National Museums of Kenya, the Peregrine Fund, Kenya Wildlife Service, and community members. 

  • In collaboration with the Peregrine Fund, we provided training to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) team in management protocols that ensure safe and humane ways to trap and tag vultures.

  • We provide hands on training in response to vulture poisoning events, including handling of birds, emergency care and transport procedures.

  • The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust with partners, publishes several popular articles in print and digital media.

  • We host numerous VIP visits as well as large numbers of the general public.

Educating school children

We host large numbers of local school children and create discussion on raptor conservation. Here a pupil, delighted at having a juvenile Yellow-billed Kite (Milvus aegyptius) land on his glove, expresses clearly how such experiences are life changing. We see Shiv Kapila, Director of the Naivasha Raptor Centre, showing the impressive claws of a raptor to a group of children.

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